It’s an idea you might not have experienced before, but we take your evenings to a whole other realm. We’re not your typical city bar. We operate from a whole different concept. You simply pick a package, pay a cover charge, and for the rest of the evening we make sure your glass never runs dry. That means all night, for a single price, you can leave the concerns of work out on the street and drink to your legal limit all night long. We’ll take care of everything.

Open Concept

A New Concept For Drinking

Beer, wine, spirits, mixed drinks, and specialty offerings, we’ve got it all and we’ve got the mixologists to tickle your taste buds. You want to experiment, try something you’ve never had, or want to enjoy your evening with your favorite standards—the drinks are on us.

One Fee. Unlimited Drinks.

Our packages are priced according to the beverage experience you want for the evening and the amount of time you want to stay. We don’t sell drinks, we sell time. Each package is just a one-time cover charge for the entire afternoon or evening, and we’ll keep the drinks coming. Knowing your limit is up to you.

Open Bar Regular Package


With a $24 online cover charge (or $30 at the door) you will enjoy unlimited cocktails, wine, and beer, all night long.

Open Bar Premium Package


With a $44 cover charge (or $50 at the door), you can enjoy unlimited top-shelf shots and neat drinks, cocktails, beer, and wine.

Open Bar Beer-Only Package


This package is too easy. Book online, and for just a $19 cover charge (or $25 at the door) you get unlimited beer throughout the bar.

Open Bar Non -drinker Package


Nothing says you have to drink during your visit to Open Concept. For just $10, you get unlimited mocktails, juice, and soda.

Whether you want to get together for a celebration with friends, book a package for a special occasion like a birthday or office party, just want to drop in and groove to a good time, or you simply want to drop by after work for happy hour, we’ve got a range of preset packages and several that let you create your particular experience. Once you’re here, you can enjoy all the amenities Open Concept has to offer: the Cardinals or Blues game on the wide screen, karaoke so you can sing and rap to your heart’s content, and dancing inside or outside, all night long.

Open Concept is an innovative idea that simplifies your night out by removing any worries about paying the tab. You’ve already paid online before you enter (or you can pay at the door), and for the rest of the night, your only concerns are your friends, the new people you meet, and the experience you’re having. When you’re ready to go, you can get up and leave on your own time. We just want you to be safe about it so we can see you again, and again, and again!